3D-LITE Cut-4-Custom (TLSO)



• Pieces are separate and interchangeable for specific patient needs
• Washable covers provide an attractive, soft interface between brace and skin
• Unique stretch in one direction
• Aerated for breathability and patient comfort
• Once softened, material is easy to cut with standard scissors
• Extremely strong and lightweight
• Compatible with X-Lite®
• Translucent to X-Ray
• Environmentally friendly — non-toxic and biodegradable
• Easy to use and can be applied directly onto patient's body or cast
• Material can be heated in water or oven

Additional Information

Note 1 For detailed sizing information, please see sizing chart
SKU: conf_6492Z001S 3D-LITE Cut-4-Custom (TLSO)

3D-LITE<sup>™</sup> Cut-4-Custom (TLSO)

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