3D-LITE LSO Xtra Spinal Orthosis



• Supportive elastic back support with 3D-LITE low temperature thermoplastic panel
• Provides intracavitary pressure to reduce load on the intervertebral discs
• Can be used throughout the healing process
• 3D-LITE back panel can be shaped for a more precise fit on the patient
• Posterior panel extends laterally to conform to either side for rigid frontal and transverse plane stabilization
• Back panel can be reheated, flattened and reshaped with heat gun

Additional Information

Unit Kit
Colour Black
Heating Temperature 70˚C (160˚F)
SKU: conf_64950001S 3D-LITE LSO Xtra Spinal Orthosis

3D-LITE<sup>™</sup> LSO Xtra Spinal Orthosis

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