• Unique stretch in one direction
• Aerated for breathability and patient comfort
• Once softened, material is easy to cut with standard scissors
• Extremely strong and lightweight
• Compatible with X-Lite®
• Translucent to X-Ray
• Environmentally friendly — non-toxic and biodegradable
• Easy to use and can be applied directly onto patient's body or cast
• Material can be heated in water or oven


Additional Information

Width 610mm (24")
Unit Sheet
Heating Time 2 minutes
Material Polyester/Copolymer resin
Note 1 Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available upon request
Set Time 10-20 minutes
Working Time 2-3 minutes
Heating Temperature 70°C (160°F)
Website https://www.allardusa.com


More Views

Sku Thickness Length
470B1 7mm (9/32”) 610mm (24")
471B1 7mm (9/32”) 914mm (36")
473B1 3mm (1/8”) 610mm (24")
474B1 3mm (1/8”) 914mm (36")
475B1 5mm (3/16”) 610mm (24")
476B1 5mm (3/16”) 914mm (36")