AB-PUM 70/30 Medium Foam Resin



• High expansion two-part polyurethane foam
• For use in intimate fit foam covering for
endoskeletal prostheses
• Fast curing time
• Lightweight
• Flexible

Additional Information

Unit Each
Durometer Shore A 10
Volume 5kg (176.4oz)
Material Polyurethane
Important Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available upon request
Note 1 * Per volume by millilitres
Note 2 Requires AB-PUR Rigid Foam Hardener (OP-ABPUR-H5) as a catalyst
Note 3 Keep in a dry place, at a temperature between 15 and 25 °C (59 and 77 °F).
Close the container after use.
Set Time 60 minutes
Colour Yellow
Expansion Time 135 Seconds
Expansion x 12.5*
SKU: OP-ABPUM70/30-R5 AB-PUM 70/30 Medium Foam Resin

AB-PUM 70/30 Medium Foam Resin

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