Adlib Microprocessor Knee



• Safer and intelligent: Integrated sensor adjusts to different walking conditions to create a more natural gait
• Programmable: Custom knee resistances can be programmed easily by software
• Programmable resistance control works with the knees five-bar mechanical to provide 0-15° in stance flexion function. This provides more stability and shock absorption during load response phase.
• Stance flexion range/sensitivity can be further adjusted based on patients corresponding body weight or activity level with the screws
• Flexion resistance and the extension assist can be adjusted
• Remote connects to knee via Bluetooth, with LED’s indicating connection status, battery level (with alarm), and the resistance programmed
• Can be recharged by using USB charger adapter (100~240V) or simply plugging it to the USB port of a PC or laptop


Additional Information

Knee Type Polycentric Pneumatic
Polycentric Knee Type 5-Bar
Activity Level Moderate to High (K2–K3)
Weight Limit 125kg (275lbs)
Warranty (Manufacturers defects) 12 months
Attachment None
Colour Black
Knee Flexion 138°
Voltage 100~240V

Adlib Microprocessor Knee

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Sku Build Height Overall Height Style Weight
TEH-A-TGK-5PSOIC-A01 173mm (6 13/16") 263mm (10 3/8") Standard 1.19kg (42oz)
TEH-A-TGK-5PSOIC-A11 189mm (7 7/16") 278mm (10 15/16") Disarticulation 1.19kg (42oz)
TEH-A-TGK-5PSOIC-B01 173mm (6 13/16") 263mm (10 3/8") Standard/Threaded Bolt 1.23kg (43.4oz)
TEH-A-TGK-5PSOIC-B11 189mm (7 7/16") 278mm (10 15/16") Disarticulation/Threaded Bolt 1.23kg (43.4oz)