AFO - semi-rigid



• Provide functional alignment for flaccid extremities
• Provides resistance to mild extensor spasticity
• Provides mediolateral support for ankle instability

Additional Information

Important Height is the product calf height

AFO - semi-rigid

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Sku Size Type Height
40AFO-SR-L-L Large Semi-Rigid 381mm (15")
40AFO-SR-L-R Large Semi-Rigid 381mm (15")
40AFO-SR-M-L Medium Semi-Rigid 356mm (14")
40AFO-SR-M-R Medium Semi-Rigid 356mm (14")
40AFO-SR-S-L Small Semi-Rigid 330mm (13")
40AFO-SR-S-R Small Semi-Rigid 330mm (13")
40AFO-SR-XL-L X-Large Semi-Rigid 381mm (15")
40AFO-SR-XL-R X-Large Semi-Rigid 381mm (15")
60RAFO-L-L Large Rigid 381mm (15")
60RAFO-L-R Large Rigid 381mm (15")
60RAFO-M-L Medium Rigid 356mm (14")
60RAFO-M-R Medium Rigid 356mm (14")
60RAFO-S-L Small Rigid 330mm (13")
60RAFO-S-R Small Rigid 330mm (13")
60RAFO-XL-L X-Large Rigid 381mm (15")
60RAFO-XL-R X-Large Rigid 381mm (15")