Alpha® Silicone AK Liner (Select Fabric)



• Uses platinum-cured medical grade silicone, designed for comfort and performance
• A unique blend of silicone, Vitamin E, and skin conditioners results in a pleasing surface that is non-greasy, non-tacky and comfortable
• One way circumferential fabric stretch provides tissue compression for ease of donning. It does not stretch lengthwise to limit pistoning.

Additional Information

Suspension Type Cushion & Locking
Amputation Level Transfemoral
Activity Level High (K3)
Material Silicone
Warranty (Manufacturers defects) 12 months
Fabric Select
Important To determine proper sizing, please see the transfemoral sizing and liner thickness charts
Style AK Symmetrical
SKU: conf_S44Z-169S-S Alpha® Silicone AK Liner (Select Fabric)

Alpha<sup>®</sup> Silicone AK Liner (Select Fabric)

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