Aspen Lumbar Support



• Offers a unique pain relief system that incorporates the essential elements required for improved performance
• Low-profile design features Aspen’s patented compression system to provide effective low back pain relief for the active patient
• Simple, Elegant Design that is comfortable for extended wear and can easily be worn under clothing
• Patented 4:1 tightening system independently adjusts the top and bottom allowing patients to localize compression where they need it for maximum pain relief
• 2-stage pain relief: When first applied, the brace provides the comfort of an elastic brace. Extending the pull tabs activates Aspen’s patented compression system for a second stage of highly effective pain relief.
• Easy to locate pull tabs: Ergonomic pull tabs are designed to lay flat but are easy to find by feel. Bonded and stitched materials ensure their strength and durability.

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Colour Black
SKU: conf_58010S Aspen Lumbar Support

Aspen Lumbar Support

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