AXIS® Shoulder Joint



• Provides a 240° arc that mimics anatomical range of motion
• User can easily lock the shoulder every 10°
• Can operate as a free-swing joint
• Made with high strength aerospace alloys
• Can bear loads up to 50 lbs (including prosthesis)
• Patented friction hinge allows the prosthetist to easily adjust the abduction friction to the user’s preference
• Has 180° of abduction
• The compact design and mounting options help construct a natural shoulder line, promoting balance on the sound side and prevent skeletal complications
• Available in both Endo and Exo models
• Newly designed lock release and nudge kits easily connect to provide choice of control

Additional Information

Weight Limit 22.7kg (50lbs)
Warranty (Manufacturers defects) 24 months
Important Order form required with order of joint.
Weight 290g (10.2oz)
Locking Positions 25

AXIS<sup>®</sup> Shoulder Joint

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Sku Style
SJ100 BK Endoskeletal
SJ90 BK Exoskeletal