bebionic Small



• Articulated fingers are driven by individual actuators, allowing each to move and grip in a natural and coordinated way. This provides compliant and conformable grips around complex shapes (shopping bags, coins, etc.)
• Three user selectable thumb positions — Built-in hand sensors detect the thumb position for appropriate grips
• 14 basic programmable hand “grips” to similate everyday tasks. Customizeable grips can be created using bebalance software.
• On board microprocessors constantly monitor the position of fingers to ensure that grip sequences are accurate
• Auto grip feature provides additional power, when necessary, to maintain consistent grip
• Reinforced knuckle joint area allows for greater durability
• Durable and flexible silicone anatomical form incorporates True Finish micro-pigmentation for additional depth and realism
• bebalance3 software allows for the programming and maintenance of the device, as well as an in-clinic training aide for the patient and myo-trainer
• Compatible with other manufacturers components


Additional Information

Hand Type Myoelectric
Warranty (Manufacturers defects) 12 months
Height 165mm (6 1/2")
Important Note: Ordering of this item requires a selection of the following components to be made: Hand (with wrist selection), Electrodes, Connector Cables (for Low Profile configuration only), Internal battery and Anatomical form.
Note 1 For more information on required components, please see please see related products below
Length (Thumb) 106mm (4 1/8")
Voltage 7.4V
SKU: conf_RSL-BBHSMXYY-CC-YY bebionic Small

bebionic Small

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