Body Armor® Cast Shoe



• EVA Unibody Design provides unparalleled shock absorption while protecting the cast from the elements
• Unique Bungee Closure System is easy to use, easy to adjust and effectively secures the cast in the shoe
• Built in Toe Guard protects the toes and prevents debris from entering the toe area
• Style that sets it apart; Function that puts it in a class of its own
• Five Sizes to accommodate any foot, while reducing inventory

Additional Information

Note 1 Approximate shoe sizes only. For proper fitting, consult with patient or measure their shoe size prior to ordering.

Body Armor<sup>®</sup> Cast Shoe

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Sku Size (Men's) Size (Women's) Size
BACS0 N/A < 5 X-Small
BACS1 N/A 5 1/2-8 Small
BACS2 6–8 8 1/2-10 Medium
BACS3 8 1/2-11 10 1/2-13 Large
BACS4 11 1/2-14 13 1/2+ X-Large