Body Armor® Walker



• Hard-shell exterior gives same protection as a cast
• Protective removable tongue eases pressure from the fastenings
• Locking clips similar to ski-boot fastenings attached to hard exterior shell assure even circumferential pressure
• Rocker sole assists patients through gait cycle
• Ventilated heel allows air circulation
• Polyurethane sleeve contours to protect and stabilise the foot and ankle complex
• Replacement sleeve available
• Multi-density insole system for pressure relief (offloading ulcers, fractures and pressure points)
• Set of four compression pads included to offload the malleoli and force fluids out of the achilles area

Additional Information

Note 1 Approximate shoe sizes only. For proper fitting, consult with patient or measure their shoe size prior to ordering.
Colour Black
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Body Armor<sup>®</sup> Walker

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