Boston Digital Arm System Plus



• High-torque prosthetic elbow
• State-of-the-art digital technology
• Compatible with all hands, grippers and wrist rotators, including bebionic 3
• Clutch automatically locks/unlocks
• Dozens of control options
• Operates with inputs from Myoelectrodes, Touch Pads, servo controls and switches
• Targeted Muscle Reinnervation model available
• Operates with new patternrecognition technology
• “Plus” upgrade - new Lithiumpolymer high-capacity battery

Additional Information

Warranty (Manufacturers defects) 24 months
Capacity 2000mAHr
Note 1 Includes: LTI-BE301, LTI-BE302, LTI-BE303, LTI-BE304, LTI-BE305, LTI-BE306, LTI-BE309, LTI-BE360 (x2), LTI-BE366, and LTI-BE390
Note 2 BE300TMR+ includes special 6 site myo software and electrode splitters, no sensors
Weight 964g (34oz)
Voltage 11V
SKU: conf_BE300ZZZ+ Boston Digital Arm System Plus

Boston Digital<sup>™</sup> Arm System Plus

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