Carbon Tape (Finished Edge)



• Lightweight 3K carbon tape
• Plain weave construction with a finished edge
• High formable
• Can be used to reinforce areas of composite prosthetic or orthotic devices without significant weight increases
• Wets quickly
• Uniform strength in both horizontal and vertical directions

Additional Information

Colour Black

Carbon Tape (Finished Edge)

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Sku Width Unit Length
CT15DW 25mm (1”) Each 15m (50ft)
CT1DW 25mm (1”) Roll 45.7m (150ft)
CT25DW 51mm (2”) Each 15m (50ft)
CT2DW 51mm (2”) Roll 45.7m (150ft)
CT35DW 76mm (3”) Each 15m (50ft)
CT3DW 76mm (3”) Roll 45.7m (150ft)
CT45DW 102mm (4”) Each 15m (50ft)
CT4DW 102mm (4”) Roll 45.7m (150ft)