Carbon Tape (Finished Edge)



• Lightweight 3K carbon tape
• Plain weave construction with a finished edge
• High formable
• Can be used to reinforce areas of composite prosthetic or orthotic devices without significant weight increases
• Wets quickly
• Uniform strength in both horizontal and vertical directions

Additional Information

Colour Black

Carbon Tape (Finished Edge)

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Sku Width Unit Length
FAB-CT15DW 25mm (1”) Each 15m (50ft)
FAB-CT1DW 25mm (1”) Roll 45.7m (150ft)
FAB-CT25DW 51mm (2”) Each 15m (50ft)
FAB-CT2DW 51mm (2”) Roll 45.7m (150ft)
FAB-CT35DW 76mm (3”) Each 15m (50ft)
FAB-CT3DW 76mm (3”) Roll 45.7m (150ft)
FAB-CT45DW 102mm (4”) Each 15m (50ft)
FAB-CT4DW 102mm (4”) Roll 45.7m (150ft)