Carbon Tape



• Ideal for reinforcing high-stress points and enhancing durability
• Improves rigidity and strength in laminations
• Finished edges
• Made with 3K Tow (3000 filaments) carbon fiber

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Unit Roll
Colour Black

Carbon Tape

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Sku Width Style Weight Length
CTU1=30FT 25mm (1”) Unidirectional 68g (2.4oz) 9.1m (30ft)
SPT-CBF2=10FT 51mm (2”) Bi-Directional 68g (2.4oz) 3m (10ft)
SPT-CBF2=30FT 51mm (2”) Bi-Directional 204g (7.2oz) 9.1m (30ft)
SPT-CTU1=10FT 25mm (1”) Unidirectional 22g (0.8oz) 3m (10ft)
SPT-CTU1=50FT 25mm (1”) Unidirectional 113g (4oz) 15m (50ft)
SPT-CTU2=10FT 51mm (2”) Unidirectional 45g (1.6oz) 3m (10ft)
SPT-CTU2=30FT 51mm (2”) Unidirectional 136g (4.8oz) 9.1m (30ft)
SPT-CTU2=50FT 51mm (2”) Unidirectional 255g (9oz) 15m (50ft)
SPT-CTU3=10FT 76mm (3”) Unidirectional 48g (1.7oz) 3m (10ft)
SPT-CTU3=30FT 76mm (3”) Unidirectional 204g (7.2oz) 9.1m (30ft)
SPT-CTU3=50FT 76mm (3”) Unidirectional 340g (12oz) 15m (50ft)
SPT-CTU4=10FT 102mm (4”) Unidirectional 91g (3.2oz) 3m (10ft)
SPT-CTU4=30FT 102mm (4”) Unidirectional 272g (9.6oz) 9.1m (30ft)