Comfil® TFC (Pre-Fabricated AFO Kit)



• Fabrication technique combines heat and vacuum simultaneously to produce a extremely durable and light weight orthosis
• Combines the high strength of carbon composite with the molding properties of a thermoplastic
• Material components are in the formation of bidirectional and unidirectional which allows for strength and flexibility where needed
• The properties of Comfil® gives the ability of the orthosis to be reheated and modified or repaired
• All the benefits of a lamination in less time
• Easily cut with scissors
• Easily formed to accomodate ankle or knee joints
• Components: Carbon fibre filament yarn (weight 30–80%) and thermoplastic filaments (weight 20–70%)
• Carbon filament yarn composed of carbon fiber on basis polyacrylonitrile >95% and alkylimidazolinium ethosulphat <5%

Additional Information

Unit Kit
Heating Time 2-3 minutes
Note 1 After pieces have been tacked together place in heated oven at 220°C (428°F) for approximately 45 minutes to consolidate
Heating Temperature 100°C (212°F)

Comfil<sup>®</sup> TFC (Pre-Fabricated AFO Kit)

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