Coyote Composite Braid



• Non-carcinogenic and non-toxic
• Less itch than carbon
• Tough and durable
• Lightweight
• High saturation
• Can be used with all resins

Additional Information

Unit Roll
Material Basalt
Colour Bronze/Black

Coyote Composite Braid

More Views

Sku Diameter Length
CDB0520 127mm (5") 6m (20ft)
COY-CDB0310 76mm (3") 3m (10ft)
COY-CDB0320 76mm (3") 6m (29ft)
COY-CDB0382 76mm (3") 25m (82ft)
COY-CDB0410 102mm (4") 3m (10ft)
COY-CDB0420 102mm (4") 6m (20ft)
COY-CDB0482 102mm (4") 25m (82ft)
COY-CDB0510 127mm (5") 3m (10ft)
COY-CDB0582 127mm (5") 25m (82ft)
COY-CDB0610 152mm (6") 3m (10ft)
COY-CDB0620 152mm (6") 6m (20ft)
COY-CDB0682 152mm (6") 25m (82ft)
COY-CDB0810 203mm (8") 3m (10ft)
COY-CDB0820 203mm (8") 6m (20ft)
COY-CDB0882 203mm (8") 25m (82ft)
COY-CDB1010 254mm (10") 3m (10ft)
COY-CDB1020 254mm (10") 6m (20ft)
COY-CDB1082 254mm (10") 25m (82ft)