Coyote Composite Braid



• Non-carcinogenic and non-toxic
• Less itch than carbon
• Tough and durable
• Lightweight
• High saturation
• Can be used with all resins

Additional Information

Unit Roll
Material Basalt
Colour Bronze/Black

Coyote Composite Braid

More Views

Sku Diameter Length
CDB0310 76mm (3") 3m (10ft)
CDB0320 76mm (3") 6m (29ft)
CDB0382 76mm (3") 25m (82ft)
CDB0410 102mm (4") 3m (10ft)
CDB0420 102mm (4") 6m (20ft)
CDB0482 102mm (4") 25m (82ft)
CDB0510 127mm (5") 3m (10ft)
CDB0520 127mm (5") 6m (20ft)
CDB0582 127mm (5") 25m (82ft)
CDB0610 152mm (6") 3m (10ft)
CDB0620 152mm (6") 6m (20ft)
CDB0682 152mm (6") 25m (82ft)
CDB0810 203mm (8") 3m (10ft)
CDB0820 203mm (8") 6m (20ft)
CDB0882 203mm (8") 25m (82ft)
CDB1010 254mm (10") 3m (10ft)
CDB1020 254mm (10") 6m (20ft)
CDB1082 254mm (10") 25m (82ft)