Delta-Lite® Plus Fiberglass Cast Tape



• Cast tape that combines a fiberglass substrate and advanced water activated polyurethane resin system
• Provides extra rigid casts with a smooth surface and edges

Additional Information

Unit 10 rolls/box

Delta-Lite<sup>®</sup> Plus Fiberglass Cast Tape

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Sku Width Colour Length
BSN-7345800 25mm (1") White 1.8m (2yds)
BSN-7345801 50mm (2") White 3.6m (3.9yds)
BSN-7345802 75mm (2 15/16") White 3.6m (3.9yds)
BSN-7345803 100mm (3 15/16") White 3.6m (3.9yds)
BSN-7345804 125mm (4 15/16") White 3.6m (3.9yds)
BSN-7345820 50mm (2") Blue 3.6m (3.9yds)
BSN-7345826 75mm (2 15/16") Green 3.6m (3.9yds)
BSN-7345831 75mm (2 15/16") Red 3.6m (3.9yds)
BSN-7345835 50mm (2") Light Blue 3.6m (3.9yds)
BSN-7345845 50mm (2") Black 3.6m (3.9yds)
BSN-7345855 50mm (2") Pink 3.6m (3.9yds)
BSN-7345860 50mm (2") Purple 3.6m (3.9yds)
BSN-7345867 100mm (3 15/16") Yellow 3.6m (3.9yds)