• Produced as a closed cell structure
• Won’t absorb perspiration and is easy to clean
• Provides excellent elasticity, improved cushioning and has dimensionally stable properties
• For use in foot orthotics, as base layers, top covers and prosthetic liners

Additional Information

Width 84mm (34")
Unit Sheet
Durometer Shore A 38 (+/- 5)
Heating Time 2-3 minutes
Material Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
Length 109.2cm (43")
Heating Temperature 107-135°C (225-275°F)


More Views

Sku Thickness Colour
PUFF-00730 2mm (1/16") Blue
PUFF-00731 3mm (1/8") Blue
PUFF-00732 6mm (1/4") Blue
PUFF-00733 2mm (1/16") Black
PUFF-00734 3mm (1/8") Black
PUFF-00735 6mm (1/4") Black
PUFF-00737 13mm (1/2") Blue
PUFF-00739 5mm (3/16") Blue
PUFF-00747 13mm (1/2") Black
PUFF-00748 5mm (3/16") Black
PUFF-00751 25mm (1") Black
PUFF-00752 25mm (1") Blue