DuraLite Foot



• Unique composites provide amputees with increased deflection and energy return
• Field adjustable height to suit patient needs
• Split heel conforms to the floor and provides stability on uneven terrain


Additional Information

Activity Level High (K3)
Weight Limit 136kg (300lbs)
Warranty (Manufacturers defects) 36 months
Important Please see chart for more information on Spring Stiffness
Note 1 Weight limit information:
23–24 cm = 104kg (230lbs)
25–26 cm = 122kg (270lbs)
27–31 cm = 135kg (300lbs)
Note 2 Clearance information:
10mm = 166mm (6 9/16")
18mm = 156mm (6 1/8")
Note 3 Product weight information:
With pyramid adapter = 561g (19.8oz)
With pyramid receiver = 546g (19.3oz)
With torsion receiver = 776g (27.4oz)
SKU: conf_DLF-SSXC-EH-Z DuraLite Foot

DuraLite<sup>™</sup> Foot

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