Dynaflex Morton's Extension Carbon Foot Plate



• Comes short and long to accommodate patient needs
• Carbon graphite provides the motion restriction with the benefits of energy returns
• Assists the injured during gait, allowing the patient to return to a normal gait pattern while healing
• Provides excellent relief from a variety of foot pathologies that call for metatarsal stability and limited range of motion
• Provides excellent relief to individuals who suffer from a variety of foot injuries

Additional Information

Unit Each
Material Carbon Graphite
Colour Black

Dynaflex Morton's Extension Carbon Foot Plate

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Sku Size (Men's) Size (Women's) Size Side Style
DMLCM235L 6-7 7-8 23.5cm Left Long
DMLCM235R 6-7 7-8 23.5cm Right Long
DMLCM275L 10-11 11-12 27.5cm Left Long
DMLCM275R 10-11 N/A 27.5cm Right Long
DMLCM315L 14-15 N/A 31.5cm Left Long
DMLCM315R 14-15 N/A 31.5cm Right Long
DMSFM235L 6-7 7-8 23.5cm Left Short
DMSFM235R 6-7 7-8 23.5cm Right Short
DMSFM275L 10-11 11-12 27.5cm Left Short
DMSFM275R 10-11 N/A 27.5cm Right Short
DMSFM315L 14-15 N/A 31.5cm Left Short
DMSFM315R 14-15 N/A 31.5cm Right Short