E-Z Arm Abduction Orthosis



• "Worm gear" adjusts arm abduction angle from 20º - 110º without removing any parts
• Waistband, forearm and humeral cuffs quickly position on slotted bars and lock by tightening set screws
• Horizontal rotation of shoulder and elbow joints can be set for free motion or locked in any position
• Malleable thoracic band adjustable to patient's body contour
• Foam padding ensures patient comfort, support and security
• Chest and shoulder straps latch with quick-release buckles
• Second snap-on shoulder strap available to order for additional support
• Reversible for left or right arm

Additional Information

Material Aluminum/S.S
Side Universal
Colour Black
SKU: conf_1093Y0 E-Z Arm Abduction Orthosis

E-Z Arm Abduction Orthosis

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