• Waterproof
• Hydraulic controlled plantar and dorsi flexion: self leveling of heel height for varied terrain and heel height
• Biomimetic design to simulate more natural ankle motion
• Hydraulic ankle allows for greater toe clearance in swing phase
• Truly independent heel and toe
• Easy to cosmetically finish
• Ships fully assembled


Additional Information

Activity Level High (K3)
Weight Limit 125kg (275lbs)
Warranty (Manufacturers defects) 36 months
Heel Height 10mm (3/8")
Important Note: Replacement foot shell available. Please see related items for more information.
Note 1 Weight based on a 26cm foot, without foot shell
Note 2 Please see chart for more information on Spring Stiffness
Note 3 Clearance information:
22–24 cm = 115mm (4 1/2")
25–26 cm = 120mm (4 3/4")
27–30 cm = 125mm (4 7/8")
Weight 658g (23.2oz)
SKU: conf_EN-ECSSXEC Echelon®


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