Fabrication Kit Parts (Icelock®)


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Fabrication Kit Parts (Icelock<sup>®</sup>)

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Sku Component For Use With
L-192020 Puck and ring OS-L-180001/OS-L-180002
L-192025 SmartCast tool OS-L-180001/OS-L-180002
L-192185 Puck ring OS-L-180001
L-193140 M10 washer OS-L-180001/OS-L-180002
L-292118 Delrin tooling body OS-L-292040
L-292125 Lamination / thermoformable ring OS-L-292040
L-292129 Delrin tooling screw OS-L-292040
L-293041 M6 x 20 screw OS-L-292040
L-293042 M6 x 35 screw OS-L-292040
L-692010 Lock dummy (with O-ring) OS-L-680000
L-692015 Hex driver (with O-ring) OS-L-680000
L-692016 Release key OS-L-680000
L-692017 Cross driver (with O-ring) OS-L-680000
L-692119 Steel guide OS-L-680000
L-692120 Standard release dummy OS-L-680000
L-692125 Long release dummy OS-L-680000
L-692130 Standard pin dummy OS-L-680000
L-692133 Short pin dummy OS-L-680000
L-693110 Pin dummy bolt (with O-ring) OS-L-680000
L-693126 4 x 2 O-ring (for hex and cross drivers) OS-L-680000
L-693127 8 x 2 O-ring (for lock dummy) OS-L-680000