FabriFit Breathable Microfiber



With FabriFit, you can produce 100% breathable, comfortable products with an excellent finish and optimum climate. FabriFit is an innovative, durable microfiber which is 50% lighter than leather, hypoallergenic, and fully moisture regulating. This unique microfiber is suitable for a wide range of practical applications, from specialist orthopedic solutions to perfectly fitting insoles or support soles or for light, elastic athletic shoes.

• High level of moisture-regulating capacity
• Extensive colour assortment in a choice of structures and delivery formats
• High durability and colour-fastness
• Washable without shrinkage or loss of properties
• Prevents nearly all odours
• Hypoallergenic
• Highest levels of foot comfort
• Light and elastic material and a supple fit


Additional Information

Material Microfiber
Note 1 Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available upon request
Colour Black
Website https://www.acor.com

FabriFit<sup>™</sup> Breathable Microfiber

More Views

Sku Width Unit Style Length
SDUR-00289 140cm (55") Roll Standard 50m (164ft)
SDUR-00386 140cm (55") Roll Semi-Perforated 50m (164ft)
SDUR-00414 699mm (27 1/2") Sheet Standard 991mm (39")
SDUR-00440 991mm (39") Sheet Standard 140cm (55")
SDUR-00442 991mm (39") Sheet Semi-Perforated 140cm (55")
SDUR-00443 699mm (27 1/2") Sheet Semi-Perforated 991mm (39")