Femur Fluffi Splint



• Provides effective temporary positioning and immobilization of the leg extending to the proximal femur with the added comfort and safety of the soft liner and straps
• Both the liner and straps wick away moisture and are washable to promote proper hygiene
• Splint is excellent for rehabilitation and long-term care
• Rigid polystyrene construction permits unobstructed radiographs and allows splint to be gas autoclaved

Additional Information

Note 1 Foot length

Femur Fluffi Splint<sup>™</sup>

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Sku Size Circumference (Calf) Height
MP-FS-C-100 Small 35.6cm (14") 356mm (14")
MP-FS-C-200 Medium 40cm (15 3/4") 495mm (19 1/2")
MP-FS-C-300 Large 45.7cm (18") 648mm (25 1/2")
MP-FS-C-400 X-Large 53.3cm (21") 800mm (31 1/2")