Finger Extension Orthosis



• For use with the treatment of muscle tone with resulting spasticity due to CVA, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury
• Can also be used for finger tendon lacerations and burn patients
• Designed to provide a stabilizing force throughout the hand and digits to discourage soft tissue shortening of the long finger flexors
• Made of a lightweight, durable Kydex® plastic — Can be heat molded at low temperature to meet individual patient needs
• Made of breathable Airprene
• Lined with a breathable, anti-microbial foam liner that eliminates potential pressure points and “wicks” moisture away from the skin, maintaining good skin integrity

Additional Information

Colour Grey/Blue
Length 203mm (8")
SKU: conf_59FEO-S-X Finger Extension Orthosis

Finger Extension Orthosis

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