FlexCell Kit



• Flexible battery for use with upper extremity prosthetics
• Can be curved to meet the contour of the socket
• Can be paired with up to 4 batteries in total
• Magnetically attached charger alleviates accidental breakage of
connector or charging point
• Control unit houses LED power indicator lights

Additional Information

Unit Kit
Warranty (Manufacturers defects) 12 months
Voltage 7.4V

FlexCell<sup >™</sup> Kit

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Sku Connector Capacity Colour
1027204-ST-B Steeper 2,200mAh (x4 550mAh) Smoky Black
IBT-1027201-MC-B Motion Control 550mAh Smoky Black
IBT-1027201-MC-C Motion Control 550mAh
IBT-1027201-OB-B Ottobock 550mAh Smoky Black
IBT-1027201-OB-C Ottobock 550mAh
IBT-1027201-ST-B Steeper 550mAh Smoky Black
IBT-1027201-ST-C Steeper 550mAh
IBT-1027202-MC-B Motion Control 1,100 mAh (x2 550mAh) Smoky Black
IBT-1027202-MC-C Motion Control 1,100 mAh (x2 550mAh)
IBT-1027202-OB-B Ottobock 1,100 mAh (x2 550mAh) Smoky Black
IBT-1027202-OB-C Ottobock 1,100 mAh (x2 550mAh)
IBT-1027202-ST-B Steeper 1,100 mAh (x2 550mAh) Smoky Black
IBT-1027202-ST-C Steeper 1,100 mAh (x2 550mAh)
IBT-1027203-MC-B Motion Control 1,650mAh (x3 550mAh) Smoky Black
IBT-1027203-MC-C Motion Control 1,650mAh (x3 550mAh)
IBT-1027203-OB-B Ottobock 1,650mAh (x3 550mAh) Smoky Black
IBT-1027203-OB-C Ottobock 1,650mAh (x3 550mAh)
IBT-1027203-ST-B Steeper 1,650mAh (x3 550mAh) Smoky Black
IBT-1027203-ST-C Steeper 1,650mAh (x3 550mAh)
IBT-1027204-MC-B Motion Control 2,200mAh (x4 550mAh) Smoky Black
IBT-1027204-MC-C Motion Control 2,200mAh (x4 550mAh)
IBT-1027204-OB-B Ottobock 2,200mAh (x4 550mAh) Smoky Black
IBT-1027204-OB-C Ottobock 2,200mAh (x4 550mAh)
IBT-1027204-ST-C Steeper 2,200mAh (x4 550mAh)
IBT-1027205-MC-B Motion Control 880mAh (550mAh / 330mAh) Smoky Black
IBT-1027205-MC-C Motion Control 880mAh (550mAh / 330mAh)
IBT-1027205-ST-B Steeper 880mAh (550mAh / 330mAh) Smoky Black
IBT-1027205-ST-C Steeper 880mAh (550mAh / 330mAh)