Fume Buster



• Fume ventilation unit with charcoal filter
• Designed to remove toxic air born chemicals and odors from your work environment
• Removes contaminated air by using a down draft through a sophisticated filtering
system which returns clean air to the room
• Down draft system is highly efficient in comparison to overhead ceiling mounted systems

Additional Information

Depth 610mm (24")
Unit Each
Warranty (Manufacturers defects) 12 months
Electrical Frequency 60Hz
Note 1 High-powered models come with 2 blowers
Horsepower 1/4
Voltage 115V

Fume Buster

More Views

Sku Width Type Height Style Weight
LAN-FB36 939mm (37") Standard 116.8cm (41") Vented 86kg (190lbs)
LAN-FB36C 939mm (37") Standard 116.8cm (41") With Charcoal Filter (2 cans) 111kg (245lbs)
LAN-FB48 116.8cm (46") Standard 124.5cm (49") Vented 101kg (223lbs)
LAN-FB48C 116.8cm (46") Standard 124.5cm (49") With Charcoal Filter (2 cans) 125kg (275lbs)
LAN-FB60 149.9cm (59") Standard 124.5cm (49") Vented 118kg (260lbs)
LAN-FB60C 149.9cm (59") Standard 124.5cm (49") With Charcoal Filter (2 cans) 125kg (275lbs)
LAN-FB60UC 149.9cm (59") High-Powered 124.5cm (49") Vented 118kg (260lbs)
LAN-FB60UCC 149.9cm (59") High-Powered 124.5cm (49") With Charcoal Filter (2 cans) 125kg (275lbs)