Genesis Walker



• Inspired by athletic shoe design technology, the device provides a biomechanical, natural walk
• Mimics a normal shoe and healthy gait, allowing you to recover with minimal disruption to your daily life
• Dual air chambers provide compression from the foot to ankle while maintaining ankle position within the boot
• Built-in air pump allows patient to make incremental increases or decreases in pressure around the foot and ankle
• Durable, hard shell design combines the control of a cast with the convenience of a walker, and allows adjustments for swelling and inspection of the foot and ankle
• Utilizes a dynamic air chamber in the heel of the tread which actively absorbs the shock of heel strike and allows for a more comfortable walking experience
• Low heel height, making it comparable to a standard shoe which reduces pelvic tilt
• Rocker bottom mimics the action of the ankle during the gait cycle
• No-slip athletic shoe tread design provides traction on a variety of surfaces permitting better cross-directional maneuverability
• Trim-able shell with cut line allows devices to accommodate patients with a larger calf

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SKU: conf_BL5YZ00S Genesis Walker

Genesis Walker

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