Harvey Arm Abduction Orthosis



• Orthosis shoulder joint can be assembled to the desired position
of horizontal rotation
• Aligning the splines of the pivot pin and clamp plate allows the positioning of the shoulder to be set either at 15°, 45°, 75°, 105°
(position A) or at 0°, 30°, 60°, 90° (position B)
• Removal of the clamp plate permits limited motion in the
horizontal plane
• Auxiliary chafe and loops are provided in case it is necessary to
fit a strap over the ipsilateral shoulder
• Bands and uprights can be adjusted for even pressure distribution
• Double slide buckles to adjust all straps for proper tension and
length so that Velcro® closures anteriorly are in their mid-range of
• Universal side: reversible to fit both right or left arm
• Accessory Humeral Rotator Adaptor Kit permits practitioner to
position the arm in humeral rotation with forearm in the vertical
position, i.e. “Statue of Liberty” position

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Important Size Small fits patients whose height is 1.5m (5') and under
SKU: conf_10SYYY Harvey Arm Abduction Orthosis

Harvey Arm Abduction Orthosis

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