HeelWedge Medical Shoe



• Square toe design provides additional room to protect toes
• Wide base for extra stability
• Removable forefoot closure provides security while eliminating buckle pressure
• Ankle strap seats foot firmly in shoe to reduce heel slippage
and eliminate friction
• Zoned outsole has an aggressive tread under the midfoot where traction is needed most
• Removable insole features twice the padding of standard insoles and
can be modified or replaced with the PegAssist™ off-loading insole


Additional Information

Note 1 Approximate shoe sizes only. For proper fitting, consult with patient or measure their shoe size prior to ordering.

HeelWedge<sup>™</sup> Medical Shoe

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Sku Size (European) Size (Men's) Size (Women's) Size
HQ0B 34-37.5 cm N/A 4–7 X-Small
HQ1B 38-42 cm 6–8 7½–10 Small
HQ2B 43-45 cm 8½–10 10½–13 Medium
HQ3B 44-46 cm 10½–12 N/A Large
HQ4B 46.5-48.5 cm 12½–14 N/A X-Large