Hydracadence II Knee



• Hydraulic knee and ankle joint system
• Knee and ankle mechanisms work in unison during flexion and extension
• Hydraulic unit and heel height can be adjusted

Additional Information

Knee Type Single Axis Hydraulic
Activity Level High to Very High (K3–K4)
Weight Limit 100kg (220lbs)
Warranty (Manufacturers defects) 12 months
Attachment None
Build Height 383-510 mm (15 1/16"-20 1/16")
Overall Height 517mm (20 3/8")
Material Carbon fiber / Aluminum
Important Proximal adapter options : 1K03, 1K20, 1K30, 1K40, 1K160, 1K163
Weight 1,850g (65.3oz)
Knee Flexion 140°
SKU: 1P50-R Hydracadence II Knee

Hydracadence<sup>™</sup> II Knee

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