Hytrek Knee



• Single axis knee with hydraulic regulation of stance phase and swing phase with manual lock
• Suitable for everyday life activities on all-terrain, as well as slopes and stairs
• Wide braking range
• Optional manual lock
• Weather resistant


Additional Information

Knee Type Single Axis Hydraulic
Activity Level High to Very High (K3–K4)
Weight Limit 150kg (330lbs)
Warranty (Manufacturers defects) 24 months
Material Aluminum/Stainless Steel
Website https://www.proteorusa.com/
Knee Flexion 120°

Hytrek Knee

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Sku Attachment Build Height Overall Height Style Weight
1P130 Proximal Pyramid 177mm (7") 232mm (9 1/8") Standard 1.3kg (44.6oz)
1P130-KD Threaded Adapter 174mm (6 7/8") 222mm (8 3/4") Disarticulation 1.3kg (45.3oz)