Iceross Seal-In® V



• Incorporates volume adaptive blades into the Seal-In® piston, maintaining a constant seal while accomodating for up to 8-ply volume changes
• Maintains suction through greater ranges in motion
• Allows for improved suspension on shorter residual limbs
• The soft distal end paired with DermoSil® conforms well to limb shape
• Iceross® Wave feature allows easier flexion at the knee
• Retrofittable: Can retrofit into X5 and HSM transtibial systems
• Outer layer= Supplex® fabric
• Inner layer= DermoSil® silicone with Active Skin Care

Additional Information

Suspension Type Seal-In
Amputation Level Transtibial
Activity Level Moderate to High (K2–K3)
Material Silicone
Warranty (Manufacturers defects) 6 months
Thickness 3mm
Matrix 10cm
Important For optimal fit, please use the corresponding size to the measurement, or the nex t size down if in between liner sizes.
Note 1 Distal circumference is measured at 4cm (1.5") from distal end
Colour Taupe
SKU: conf_I-47Y3SS Iceross Seal-In® V

Iceross Seal-In<sup>®</sup> V

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