LimbLogic® Sleeve



• 2-part silicone sleeve that creates an airtight, secure seal while using an elevated vacuum system
• Uses platinum-cured medical grade silicone, designed for comfort and performance
• Imprinted pattern and pre-flexing allows for greater knee flexibility
• No seam allows wearer to reposition the sleeve for longer life
• Modular silicone cuff protects the sleeve along the socket trim line, and can be used repositioned to cover any puncture holes to retain airtight seal
• Easily repairable, using RTV silicone sealant

Additional Information

Material Silicone
Warranty (Manufacturers defects) 3 months
Thickness 3mm (1/8")
Note 1 Please see chart for more information on sizes
Length 406mm (16")
SKU: conf_LLS-CCS LimbLogic® Sleeve

LimbLogic<sup>®</sup> Sleeve

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