MedSurge Shoe



• Reinforced counter and padded heel collar to stabilize rear foot
• Strapless closure eliminates buckle pressure on the forefoot and can expand to accommodate dressing up to 17"
in circumference
• Square toe design acts as a bumper to provide additional protection when K-wires are present
• Rocker sole reduces plantar pressure on the forefoot and heel
by over 25%
• Ankle Strap seats foot firmly in shoe to reduce heel slippage and eliminate friction
• MetaShank™ protection provides rigid control under metatarsal heads
• Removable EVA insole with 10mm of padding can be customized to further off-load ”hot areas”
• Breathable mesh upper conforms boney abnormalities
• Fully compatible with PegAssist off-loading insole
• Universal — Fits left or right foot


Additional Information

Note 1 Approximate shoe sizes only. For proper fitting, consult with patient or measure their shoe size prior to ordering.

MedSurge<sup>™</sup> Shoe

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Sku Size (boys) Size (European) Size (Girls) Size (Men's) Size (Women's) Size Style
MQM1B N/A 38-41 cm N/A 6–8 N/A Small Mens
MQM2B N/A 42-43.5 cm N/A 8 1/2–10 N/A Medium Mens
MQM3B N/A 44-46 cm N/A 10 1/2–12 N/A Large Mens
MQM4B N/A 46.5-48.5 cm N/A 12 1/2–14 N/A X-Large Mens
MQPB 12-1 29.7-33 cm 12-1 N/A N/A One-Size Pediatric
MQW1B N/A 34-36 cm N/A N/A 4–6 Small Womens
MQW2B N/A 37-38.5 cm N/A N/A 6 1/2–8 Medium Womens
MQW3B N/A 39-42 cm N/A N/A 8 1/2–10 Large Womens