Miami Jr



• Two-piece, innovative collar design exclusively for children 12 and under
• Sized according to the Broselow-Luten Color-Coding System to ensure optimal airway and upper cervical spine immobilization
• Front and back panels may be interchanged to accommodate patient anatomy
• Padded with Sorbatex—washable, moisture wicking pads
line all contact areas, allow for air circulation. Padding is antibacterial
and anti-decubitus—protecting skin integrity during extended wear.
• Angulation buttons allows minor adjustments of chin support and occipital support for better pressure distribution
• Removable sternal pad to distribute pressure for ambulatory patients
• X-ray, CT and MRI compatible for optimum C-spine visualization
• Optional elasticized assist strap allows front of collar to remain in place and maintain critical flexion control
• Optional assist strap allows patient to apply collar independently or to free the hands of person applying collar
• Enlarged tracheal opening and wide rear vent give better access of anterior neck and trachea
• Velcro® pad attachments and closures for easy removal
• Longer retaining straps
• Latex free


Additional Information

Material Low density polyethylene/Sorbatex
Colour White/Blue
SKU: conf_MJ-PS Miami Jr

Miami Jr

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