Microcel Puff® FM



• Firm EVA foam (65 durometer)
• Heat moldable
• Grindable
• Highest source of rigidity for orthoses, short of thermoplastic
• Available in a variety of colors and thicknesses
• For use as Base and central core in foot orthotics, as well as Midsoles and rigid postings

Additional Information

Width 762mm (30")
Unit Sheet
Durometer Shore A 65 (+/- 5)
Heating Time 2-5 minutes
Material Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
Style Abraded 1 side
Length 940mm (37")
Heating Temperature 135-149°C (275-300°F)

Microcel Puff<sup>®</sup> FM<sup>™</sup>

More Views

Sku Thickness Colour
SDUR-00247 3mm (1/8") Black
SDUR-00248 6mm (1/4") Black
SDUR-00394 2mm (1/16") Black
SDUR-00395 5mm (3/16") Black
SDUR-00396 10mm (3/8") Black
SDUR-00397 13mm (1/2") Black
SDUR-00400 3mm (1/8") White
SDUR-00402 6mm (1/4") White
SDUR-00405 5mm (3/16") White
SDUR-00407 2mm (1/16") White
SDUR-00409 10mm (3/8") White
SDUR-00410 13mm (1/2") White