Model 1324 Knee

By ST & G


• Very stable 5-bar knee with a large stance flexion angle
• Constant friction adjustment for swing phase
• Can be used for either above knee or knee disarticulation
• All axes have built-in bearing which allow for ultra-smooth walking movement
• Extensive alignment adjusting abilities for a smooth and natural gait pattern
• Includes stance flexion control for maximum safety during stance
• Practitioner adjustable from extreme stability to high stance flexion
• Built-in adjustable extension assist

Additional Information

Knee Type Polycentric
Polycentric Knee Type 5-Bar
Activity Level Low to Moderate (K1–K2)
Weight Limit 125kg (275lbs)
Warranty (Manufacturers defects) 24 months
Trial Period (WITH LOANER ONLY) 14 days from from delivery date
Build Height 143mm (5 5/8")
Overall Height 160mm (6 5/16")
Material Aluminum
Weight 766g (27oz)
Knee Flexion 135°

Model 1324 Knee

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Sku Style
1324AL Disarticulation
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