Model 9007 - PreStride



• Fully adjustable assessment orthosis
• Used to determine if patient is eligible to use stance control orthotic management
• Kit includes an FullStride (9006) lateral joint
• Joint can be interchanged with a SafetyStride (9005) lateral joint
• Easily adjusted using spring loaded knobs along the lower lateral and medial uprights
• Calf and thigh bands are also adjustable for varying A-P lengths
• Double action ankle joints for gait optimization
• One-piece rigid foot plate stirrup assembly
• Removable/disposable padding
• Can be used as a gait training tool during rehabilitation

Additional Information

Weight Limit 100kg (220lbs)
Size Universal
SKU: conf_9007-X Model 9007 - PreStride

Model 9007 - PreStride<sup>™</sup>

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