• Accessory for myoelectric bebionic 3 and ProWrist that controls prosthesis mode switching
• Works in conjunction with radio frequency identification (RFID) tags that can be programmed with specific triggers, allowing the prosthesis to change mode/grip positions
• Allows for a total of 10 possible grip positions on a bebionic 3 hand
• Less effort is expended by the patient when switching between different functions of their prosthesis
• Does not remove any functionality from the prosthetic hand
• Can also be used to shut off inputs from the EMG sensors to maintain a steady grip on an object
• RFID tags can be placed on objects in the user’s environment, with tags worn on clothing, jewelry, and other accessories

Additional Information

Height 24mm (15/16")
Note 1 Includes 20 RFID tags and software
Weight 57g (2oz)
Diameter 50mm (1 15/16")
Voltage 7.4V


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Sku Connector Style
IBT-60102-MC Motion Control Standard
IBT-60102-OB Ottobock Standard
IBT-60103-PWMC Motion Control ProWrist
IBT-60103-PWOB Ottobock ProWrist