Multi Podus® Short Back



• “Floating heel” design
• Dynamic flex action supplies continuous counterforce pressure to the plantar surface of the foot
• Rotator bar positioned to the side, controls hip and leg rotation, providing functional alignment
• Adjustable toe post relieves pressure on the toes

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Multi Podus<sup>®</sup> Short Back

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Sku Size Style Length
01MPSB90-L Large Orthowick 229-254 mm (9"-10")
01MPSB90-M Medium Orthowick 203-229 mm (8"- 9")
01MPSB90-S Small Orthowick 178-203 mm (7"-8")
01MPSB90-XL X-Large Orthowick 254-279 mm (10"-11")
10MPSB90-L Large Kodel 229-254 mm (9"-10")
10MPSB90-M Medium Kodel 203-229 mm (8"- 9")
10MPSB90-S Small Kodel 178-203 mm (7"-8")
10MPSB90-XL X-Large Kodel 254-279 mm (10"-11")