Multiflex Pyramid Ankle



• Ball and socket design simulates natural ankle movement
• Ball controls plantar flexion and snubber controls dorsiflexion
• Stability and control on all terrain
• Individual selection of ankle and snubber

Additional Information

Activity Level Moderate to High (K2–K3)
Weight Limit 125kg (275lbs)
Height 70mm (2 3/4")
Material Aluminum
Important For use with Multiflex foot or Dynamic Response 2 foot
Note 1 Please see related items below for more information on ordering snubber selection
Weight 227g (7.1oz)

Multiflex Pyramid Ankle

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Sku Durometer
EN-409353 White (60 IRHD)
EN-409354 Orange (70 IRHD)
EN-409355 Blue (80 IRHD)