Nexo Transhumeral Kit



• Can easily connect to an E-200 or E-400 elbow or an E2 electric elbow
• Includes a damping ring to further reduce vibration
• Allows easy access for pull-in designs
• Lightweight, high-strength, flexible materials
• Adjustable force and vibration dampening
• Smooth, simple alignment and length adjustments
• Comes with a USMC style wrist and insert


Additional Information

Unit Kit
Warranty (Manufacturers defects) 12 months
Colour Black

Nexo<sup>™</sup> Transhumeral Kit

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Sku Size Style Diameter
158500 Medium Quick Disconnect Wrist 61mm (2 3/8")
158501 Large Quick Disconnect Wrist 71mm (2 13/16")
158600 Medium Friction Wrist 61mm (2 3/8")
158601 Large Friction Wrist 71mm (2 13/16")