• Locking function offers reliable prevention of knee flexion, allowing for a high degree of safety during the first standing and walking exercises
• Can be adapted to the increasing success of rehabilitation, including a patient-controlled, dual function lever
• Brake behavior can be adjusted for each individual patients needs
• Adjustable extension and flexion profile allows for a more harmonious gait
• Further extension dampening can be made using the adjust axle friction
• Very acute flexion of the knee joint of up to 160° is possible, advantageous when a patient kneels or sits

Additional Information

Knee Type Single Axis
Activity Level Low to Moderate (K1–K2)
Weight Limit 125kg (275lbs)
Warranty (Manufacturers defects) 24 months
Attachment Proximal Pyramid
Build Height 63mm (2 1/2")
Overall Height 115mm (4 1/2")
Material Aluminum
Style Standard
Weight 495g (17.5oz)
SKU: 1721120 OFM2


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