• Independent extension and flexion valves can be easily and quickly adjusted to allow for a more harmonious gait
• Closing geometry of the knee’s construction ensures stance phase stability and a high degree of safety, particularly at heel strike
• Adjustable axle geometry enables changes quickly and easily to the actuation time for the needs of the patient
• AP/ML of 5mm and full pivoting with all proximal adapter variants allows for simple optimization of prosthesis alignment
• Very acute flexion of the knee joint of up to 150° is possible, advantageous when a patient kneels or sits
• Shock absorbing Stance Phase and knee disarticulation models also available

Additional Information

Knee Type Polycentric Pneumatic
Activity Level High (K3)
Weight Limit 125kg (275lbs)
Warranty (Manufacturers defects) 24 months
Material Aluminum


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Sku Attachment Build Height Overall Height Model Style Weight
1728171 IKF Adapter (Pyramid) 173mm (6 13/16") 225mm (8 7/8") OHP3SF Stance Phase 1.5kg (34.5oz)
1728172 Wire Socket Connector 167mm (6 9/16") 202mm (7 15/16") KHP3 Disarticulation 890g (31.4oz)