UniLock 2755 Series Orthotic Knee Joint (Posterior Offset)



• 2755 kits are engineered for all types of composite lamination
techniques including wet laminations, infused resin transfers, and
Pre-Preg carbon fiber sheets
• Kits come complete with everything you will need from cast
preparation to finished product
• New low profile lines combined with OTS alloy technology give the
2755 series joints extremely high strength characteristics while still
retaining necessary low weight
• Available in ratcheting StepLock®, single position full extension
UniLock®, and adjustable extension stop free-motion functions
• Available in posterior or minimal offset joint configurations
• Easy to bend stainless distal for custom medial/lateral contours
• Teflon® tape included in kit for removing bars for easy finishing
• Built-in lock retaining feature
• Compatible with OTS release mechanisms
• Bail not available in StepLock®

Additional Information

Depth 5mm (3/16")
Warranty (Manufacturers defects) 12 months
Material Stainless Steel
Style Posterior Offset
SKU: conf_2755 ULPOWK UniLock 2755 Series Orthotic Knee Joint (Posterior Offset)

UniLock 2755 Series Orthotic Knee Joint (Posterior Offset)

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