• Smooth, Closed cell EVA foam
• Test and proven superior to Plastazote® in abrasion, coefficient of friction, moisture deflection, durability and tensile strength
• Does not hurt the skin, making it perfect for diabetic patients
• High deflection that does not allow moisture to soak in
• Higher durability and tensile strength allowing for longer wearability and life
• For use as top covers, AFO interfaces, soft goods interface and distal end pads

Additional Information

Width 762mm (30")
Unit Sheet
Durometer Shore A 20 (+/- 5)
Heating Time 2-3 minutes
Length 940mm (37")
Heating Temperature 107-135°C (225-275°F)


More Views

Sku Thickness Colour
SDUR-00255 2mm (1/16") Pink
SDUR-00256 3mm (1/8") Pink
SDUR-00257 5mm (3/16") Pink
SDUR-00258 6mm (1/4") Pink
SDUR-00259 10mm (3/8") Pink
SDUR-00260 13mm (1/2") Pink
SDUR-00261 19mm (3/4") Pink
SDUR-00262 25mm (1") Pink
SDUR-00318 3mm (1/8") Black
SDUR-00319 10mm (3/8") Black
SDUR-00320 2mm (1/16") Black
SDUR-00321 5mm (3/16") Black
SDUR-00322 6mm (1/4") Black
SDUR-00323 13mm (1/2") Black
SDUR-00324 19mm (3/4") Black
SDUR-00325 25mm (1") Black
SDUR-00348 25mm (1") Blue
SDUR-00349 13mm (1/2") Blue
SDUR-00350 19mm (3/4") Blue
SDUR-00351 10mm (3/8") Blue
SDUR-00352 6mm (1/4") Blue
SDUR-00353 5mm (3/16") Blue
SDUR-00354 3mm (1/8") Blue
SDUR-00355 2mm (1/16") Blue
SDUR-00367 2mm (1/16") Silver
SDUR-00368 3mm (1/8") Silver
SDUR-00369 5mm (3/16") Silver
SDUR-00370 6mm (1/4") Silver
SDUR-00371 10mm (3/8") Silver
SDUR-00372 13mm (1/2") Silver
SDUR-00373 19mm (3/4") Silver
SDUR-00374 25mm (1") Silver