Pediatric Phase II Multi Podus® System



• Provides controlled static stretch for the correction of plantar flexion contractures
• Adjustable positioning from 40° plantar flexion to 10° dorsi flexion in infinite increments
• Can be removed for daily range of motion therapy and skin hygiene, enhancing patient recovery time while eliminating the risk of pressure sores
• “Floating heel” design eliminates pressure or friction on the heel, enhancing blood circulation vital to healing
• Canvas reinforced anklet can accommodate mild to moderate muscle tone with resulting spasticity
• Rotator bar controls hip and leg rotation to provide functional alignment
• Inversion/eversion strap simulates a T-strap on a short leg brace to correct the complication commonly associated with head injury patients
• Indicated for stroke, brain injury, burn patients, severe contracture, achilles rupture, cerebral palsy, or when static progressive ankle positioning is recommended


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Pediatric Phase II Multi Podus<sup>®</sup> System

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Sku Size Circumference (Calf) Style Colour
20MP-A-P Pediatric 25.4cm (10") Kodel White/Grey
20MP-A-Y Youth 33cm (13") Kodel White/Grey
21MPO-A-P Pediatric 25.4cm (10") With Foam Liner White/Blue
21MPO-A-Y Youth 33cm (13") With Foam Liner White/Blue